5 Small Work Office Design Ideas, Guaranteed To Increase Productivity

Most of us know what it is like to share a workspace, with multiple people often crowded into one area. Though the thought process behind this for many businesses is to help keep overheads as low as possible, a comfortable work environment is crucial if you are to keep productivity high.

In fact, studies have shown that the layout of a workspace directly impacts the productivity of employees. Innovative companies are about five times more likely to introduce a common group workspace, and up to 37% of employees have said they would accept a lower salary if the company offers appealing workplace facilities and technology.

So what does all this mean for office space on the smaller side? Well, design-wise it actually influences employees, their productivity and their overall sense of happiness at work if the physical environment is functional as well as inspiring.

The office design doesn’t have to be expensive either. Even a simple re-jig of furniture can have the largest impact on the functionality of your space.

Small Work Office Design Ideas

Let’s take a closer look at this with our top five tips to make small space a success in your workplace.

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Small Work Office Design Ideas #1

Embrace The Space: Work Together

Open office scenarios are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to maximise space in a small office work area. Extremely common in innovative companies across Australia, the US and beyond, this open format removes boundaries and allows for creative thinking and conversation between team members.

To incorporate this into your office design, pair desks together in groups of two or four, ultimately creating “work stations” in a sense. This allows team members to discuss ideas freely and build a closer network with their fellow colleagues.

A few tips when setting up a communal working space:

  • Make sure there is a clear path through and around the office floor.
  • Keep in mind the main thoroughfares in the work area and leave these free from obstruction.
  • Try to create space between desks, giving employees enough room to lean back on their chair and spread out without hitting another person or object.
  • Keep like-minded co-workers together, especially if they have a common role in the workplace.

Small Work Office Design Ideas #2

Avoid Labelling Areas In The Workplace – Keep It Flexible

What do we mean by keeping an office space design “flexible?” Well if you have a small working space to play with and only a few employees that work different hours and days, a flexible layout allows for individual workspaces to home multiple activities.

“Hot desks”, as they are known, are free desks, chairs, rooms or spaces that can be used as a common area for meetings, briefings or just a chat without being assigned to anyone in particular.

They are a perfect solution to ensure all limited space is being used to full effect. Re-design your office and turn those rarely used conference rooms into a lounge and group meeting area.

Have a tiny room that is just a dumping ground for everything and anything? Clear it out and turn it into a private phone call room, gym, or media room. Whatever works for your team to invigorate high productivity and, equally, high job satisfaction.

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Small Work Office Design Ideas #3
Optimal Furniture Selection

Quite often the issue in smaller work areas is the fact that office furniture is too big, too bulky and does not have multiple functionalities.

If you have a small office space and have not taken a close look at your furniture, then this is one of the first places to start. Successful office workplace designs incorporate furniture that is smaller, slimmer and can be easily moved around to change up the design depending on the staff situation.

Here are our top furniture tips to get started:

      • Replace bulky desks with modern units that house technology components to avoid clutter.
      • Filing cabinets that sit under desks are brilliant space savers. Alternatively, go digital and remove the paper trail altogether, eliminating the need for filing cabinets.
      • Minimal furniture is best – only have what you really need to save space.
      • Invest in geometric tables as opposed to rectangle ones – they house the same amount of seats but are easier to configure for a small workspace.

Small Work Office Design Ideas

Small Work Office Design Ideas #4
Redesign/Decorate Your Office

Do not think an office space needs to be white and dreary. Quite the opposite – a well-designed office can add life, natural light, and energy to your small space.

Every workplace has a personality, so let this shine through in your interior design. Creating a gallery wall full of bright paintings, photographs and other accents really turns a plain white office into a personality explosion.

Lighting is another cost-effective way to add life and personality into your workspace. Position furniture to maximise windows and natural light, keeping in mind that nobody wants to stare at a wall all day.

Also, add mirrors near your windows – they can bounce the light around to make a small space feel lighter, brighter and larger!

To finish, add extra light through fittings, lamps and wall sconces – it creates a warm ambience for your team.

Another key way to add personality into your small office space is through colour. Bring in a few office plants or have your company logo added to the wall.

A key tip with colour is to keep them neutral and accentuate with decor to add personality. Too many dark colours in a space can make the area feel even smaller.

Small Work Office Design Ideas #5
Bring Employee Satisfaction Into Your Design

When it comes to small work areas, it is important to remember that your employees need “personal space” too.

Giving staff an outlet or two within the office – even if there is limited room – is essential to maintain office productivity levels and general well-being across the board.

Turn an underutilised space into an exercise or meditation area for your team. Add yoga mats or an exercise bike – whatever it is that fits your brand and your work area.

Also, think about updating the staff kitchen. Add a new fridge, coffee machine or television to give staff an enjoyable downtime on their break. Encourage healthy eating for healthy minds with a bowl of fresh fruit supplied each day, and add some fun with a team notice board to encourage bonding throughout the day.

Get Started With These Small Work Office Design Ideas Today

Remember, don’t let a small office space be a deterrent for a successful one; though the walls cannot grow any wider, through the use these small work office design ideas, your small space can feel as big as ever.


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