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Are you looking for a fresh, engaging interior for your retail shop, office, medical clinic, restaurant, kiosk or any other commercial premises? You should only partner with shopfitters Sydney businesses and people trust.

The right shopfitter will have the specialised industry experience, great communication and extraordinary attention to detail!

Responsible for installing the various fixtures and fittings you need for your work-space to perform well and look amazing, shopfitters Sydney businesses can rely on are always in demand.

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An initial meeting will be held to discuss your project, understand your vision, budget & schedule


Design Drawings

Our  design services are intended to meet the needs of clients from a variety of industries.


Council/Certifier Approvals

We can assist or manage the application process to Councils or Private Certifying Authorities. 

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No hidden charges or dishonest variations. We pride ourselves on our honesty & transparancy. 


Our highly skilled team of qualified builders and shopfitters, enable us to deliver full projects in a quick time frame.

Functional & Aesthetic Shopfitting

We are an experienced company that offers a complete shopfitting service in and around Sydney.

From counters, shelves, stands and cabinets through to carpets, furniture and accessories, we are able to design, cost, install and maintain almost any commercial interior to the highest standard.


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Shopfitting isn’t just a service that results in an interior that’s absolutely stunning and showcases your brand wonderfully well, a shopfitter also ensures that your fit-out complies with all relevant building regulations and related legislation.

Shopfitters recognise the practical, ergonomic and functional priorities in any design. 

The shopfitters Sydney enterprises use are able to create a fit-out which uses space optimally, resulting in versatile, adaptable designs that can evolve as your business grows.

A diverse and highly skilled service, good-quality shopfitting can make a real difference to your bottom line.

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Why Choose Us?


Shopfitters Sydney Wide

We are a shopfitter that prides itself on offering every client a tailored fit-out, designed with their particular requirements in mind. Our team listens carefully to what you want, then sets about making it happen!

We are shopfitters Sydney clinics, restaurateurs and other commercial environments turn to when they want a custom design.

Innovation & Inspiration

We are passionate about what we do, making sure we update our knowledge regularly with information on new materials, fresh approaches and new design trends.

Combined with your vision for the completed project, we are able to put together designs which capture the essence of your venture perfectly.

No matter what ambience you want to create or what impression you want your customers to have, we have the skills and dedication to create it for you.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Price is always a consideration, which is why we consider the budget available right at the beginning of the project.

By taking costs into account from the start, we are able to work up designs that are both affordable and realistic.

Our consideration of budgetary constraints and the need to pursue the best value at every stage of your project ensures we provide maximum bang for your buck!


Sustainable Coffee Shop Fitters

Environmentally responsible choices are an essential part of almost every contemporary coffee shop. We understand how important it is that cafe fitouts are created using sustainable materials where possible.

In addition, we look at ways to harness renewable energy and energy efficiency measures that help to make your location as carbon neutral as possible.

With so many opportunities to up-cycle, recycle and use sustainable options, it’s possible to turn your cafe fitout into a planet-friendly improvement you can be proud of.

Keeping the above in mind, we always strive to deliver a cafe fitouts Sydney businesses can depend on to be environmentally friendly.

Go beyond the keep cup and let us help you create a smarter and sustainable cafe fitouts sydney wide.

Single Contact For The Entire Project

Once the coffee shop design has been finalised, you can leave the delivery to us.

We provide a complete installation and project management service – there’s no need to find subcontractors or tender for multiple partners to enable the cafe fitouts to happen.

We do everything, using our team of time-served, experienced craftsmen to deliver premium cafe fitouts that stand out for the right reasons.

By having a single point of contact for the project, we make it easy for you to be clear at what stage your project’s at and how it’s progressing.

Also, if any issues arise, you know it’s us that will take responsibility for putting things right.

No matter how complex your cafe fitouts might be, we are one of the coffee shop fitters Sydney businesses can rely on to get the job completed with minimal hassle or inconvenience.

Excellent Relationships With High-Calibre Suppliers

As an experienced cafe fitout company that’s been working on projects in Sydney for a number of years now, we have developed excellent links with premium suppliers of Cafe fitout materials, furniture and fixtures.

This not only enables us to bring you cutting-edge innovation, but we are also able to negotiate extremely favourable rates.

Often we are able to deliver a high-spec cafe fitout for far less than you might think.


Single Contact For The Entire Project

When you contract with us to carry out your work, you are contracting with a shopfitter who can carry out every aspect of the project on your behalf.

This not only means that you don’t have to contract with half-a-dozen firms simultaneously to get the job done, but it also means you only need one number to call to find out how things are going or to solve any matters which have cropped up.

Our services include project design; project management; maintenance of facilities; joinery; fixture procurement and fitting.

Every skilled craftsman in our team is committed to providing meticulous workmanship with particular attention to detail.

This means that every aspect of your project is beautifully finished and solidly built. If you value quality as well as value, we’re able to meet your requirements.

Sustainable Materials

We care for our environment, which is why we place an emphasis on material and ways of working that are good for the planet as well as offering the best option for your business. We have experience of a number of green fit-outs, created with a focus on recycled materials and energy efficiency.

On Time And Within Agreed Budget

Time and money matter, which is why we always do our utmost to deliver your project on time and within the agreed budget.

If you want a quality fit-out that gets noticed for all the right reason, get in touch with our team today for a FREE consultation.

Success Stories

“I could not recommend ImpeccaBuild highly enough.

They are true professionals who like to work off detailed plans. Our plans were not detailed and were amended on the go.

Despite this ImpeccaBuild took this in their stride and worked with us to to ensure our finished product was impeccable!

We look forward to working with them again.”

Trevor Sidley

Director, Baskin-Robbins & Monkey Mania

Knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy.

If you’re looking for an interior fit-out company look no further than ImpeccaBuild.

ImpeccaBuild took the time to understand our business and our vision. Next, they provided a solution-focused approach and worked within our budget and timeframe parameters.

Thanks to their knowledge and exceptional management capabilities we were able to open our doors to the public sooner than our initial open date!

Throughout the whole process, their communication was exceptional, and they were always quick to assist us with their professional advice.

Myself and the entire team at Vets on Crown, thank ImpeccaBuild for their exceptional service and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a similar service

Dr Nima Rahmani

Director, Vets On Crown

“I was extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and absolute attention to detail from ImpeccaBuild and the team.

This was a major project that was not well organised by my architect and riddled with unforeseen issues.

Impeccabuild went above and beyond what was expected and dealt directly with council, landlords and many other interested parties to find the best solutions for us.

Impeccabuild has truly provided an excellent service and given all the issues faced, the project was completed 2 weeks ahead of our schedule!”

Bobby Afshari

Proprietor (B.Pharm. MPS), Blooms The Chemist

“ImpeccaBuild were reliable and brilliant.

They were flexible as plans had to be adjusted and they were always conscious of meeting the deadlines.

Quality work, trustworthy and value for money are how I would summarise their service.

The finished product and execution exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend ImpeccaBuild and their dedicated team to anyone else seeking a similar service.”

Jason Lee

Director, Creative Product Enterprises

We had a great experience working with ImpeccaBuild.

The team were always available, responsive and deeply cared for our project.

We plan to work withImpeccaBuild in the future and highly recommend them.

Himanshu Gapto

Master Franchisee, Mathnasium - The Math Learning Center

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Will My Cafe Fitout Project Cost?

No two cafe fit outs are ever the same, there are numerous variations that come into play, which makes it difficult to answer questions like how much does a cafe fit out cost? 

However, general ballpark cafe fitout costs can range from:

  1. a) Less than $1500 Per Square Metre (ex. GST) for a basic cafe fitout project. 
  2. b) Over $2500 Per Square Metre (ex. GST) for a medium to high range cafe  fitout projects. 

We provide our clients with a very detailed and accurate costing analysis to clarify any price related queries or concerns prior to commencing their cafe fitout project.

Related information:

How Long Will My Cafe Fitout Project Take?

Generally, a 200 square metre cafe fitout project can be completed within 4-5 weeks. 

However, the exact duration of a cafe fit-out project can vary greatly depending on the requirements, the location, the size,  the materials/finishes selected, council approvals, and many other variables of your cafe fitout project. 

We understand that time is money therefore we provide our clients with a project timeline and schedule at the very start!

Related information:

How Should I Choose A Cafe Fit Out Company?

Are you contemplating re-locating or interested in giving your current coffee shop a fresh interior?

We understand that when it comes to choosing the best cafe fit out company there are many things to weigh up and consider.

So, to make this process a little easier, and to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything, here is a guideline on how to choose the best cafe fit out company for you.

  1. Quality Is Essential When Choosing Your Cafe Fit Out Company
  2. Do Your Research On All Shortlisted Cafe Fit Out Companies
  3. Transparency Is Key When Dealing With A Cafe Fit Out Company
  4. Triple Check Quotes From All Cafe Fit Out Companies
  5. Does The Cafe Fit Out Company Offer Design?
  6. Is Your Cafe Fit Out Company Insured?

Related information:

What Is A Cafe Fit Out?

Put simply, a cafe fit out is a construction term that describes the process of making the interior of cafe spaces suitable for occupation for a cafe business. 

A cafe fitout project involves renovating the internal layout and interior cafe space to meet the tenant’s requirements. 

Very often, the base construction is completed by the developer and the final cafe fit out is the responsibility of the tenant. 

A cafe fit out project covers all activities relating to the interior construction and remodelling work including but not limited to: plumbing, carpentry, electrical, joinery, painting, flooring, and more…


What Is A Cafe Fit Out Contractor?

A cafe fit out is a construction term that describes the process of making the interior of a coffee shop suitable for occupation for a cafe business.

Basically, a cafe fitout project is the internal construction and/or renovation of a coffee shop. Therefore, a cafe fitout contractor is simply a term used to describe the builder in charge of this interior construction or renovation project. 

Quite often a cafe fit out contractor is hired by the tenant of a cafe business to provide services including but not limited to: interior design, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, joinery, painting, flooring, and more…

What Is The Process Of A Cafe Fit Out Project ?

It all starts with your initial consultation where we ask you some simple questions to try and understand what your requirements are and what is the most effective way for us to assist you in achieving your goals.

A typical cafe fitout project from start to finish would be as follows:

  1. Initial Consultation 
  2. Design Brief & Cafe Space Planning
  3. Cafe Concept Designs
  4. Cafe Fitout Costing Analysis
  5. Compliance & Regulation Checks 
  6. Cafe Fitout Project Management
  7. Hand-Over Of Completed Cafe Space
  8. Ongoing After-Project Support

Do I Need Council Approvals For My Cafe Fit Out Project ?

Typically, you require council approvals for all construction and cafe fitout projects where you “change use” of the existing building. An example of a “change of use” would be if you change a tenancy which is currently used as an office building into a premises for medical use. 

However, the exact council you require can vary depending on the council, the extent of the works and other factors. Top cafe fit out companies will organise and liaise with a Private Certifying Authority or council on behalf of their client to simplify the process.

Should I Choose The Cheapest Quote For My Cafe Fit Out Project ?

Be very wary of falling into the trap of choosing the cafe fitout company who provides the cheapest quote.

Firstly, Before deciding which cafe fitout company you choose to award your project to, it is crucial to go through each quote you received thoroughly.

Cross check each quote with your cafe design plans to ensure nothing was left out. The more detailed the cafe fitout quote the better!

One reason why a cafe fitout quote may be significantly cheaper than another may be because a builder has left an item out, this could lead to variation claims in the future and you might actually end up spending more.


Do You Need A Licence To Undertake My Cafe Fit Out Project ?

ImpeccaBuild is fully insured and licensed, plus when you work with us, you are partnering with a cafe fitout company that’s a member of the Master Builders Association (MBA), as well as a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA). 

What this means for our customers is that we adhere to the highest possible standards at every stage of their cafe fitout projects.

With an excellent understanding of building regulations and legislation, MBA & HIA members also have an excellent knowledge of the broader industry, including innovations and advances which can be used to give you the very best results possible. 

Furthermore, at ImpeccaBuild we only use fully licenced and insured subcontractors for all of our cafe fit out projects. 

We strongly advise you not to ever consider using cafe fitout companies who aren’t licenced or insured. 

Remember, don’t make the common mistake of choosing an unlicensed contractor because they’re cheaper, only to end up paying more to fix their defective work or their dishonest variations.

Related information:

Should My Cafe Fitout Company Be Insured?

Don’t be afraid to ask a cafe fit out company for copies of their insurance policies.

Cafe fitout companies are required to have public liability insurance, all risk insurance as well as workers compensation.

If your builder is hesitant to share these documents with you, take this as a major red flag.

To eliminate any of your concerns, it’s a good idea to cross check with the insurance companies to determine if their policy is still valid or if they’ve expired. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Can We Stay In Our Current Cafe Space During Our Cafe Fitout Project ?

This really depends on the project specifics and scope of work.

In some cases, it is possible for your cafe business to occupy and continue to trade during your cafe fitout. 

We understand that time is money for a cafe business so our team ensures to take extra precautions ensuring your staff are able to work and your cafe business is able to operate as best as possible. 

In cases where we aren’t able to work simultaneously as your cafe business is open, we can arrange for after hours work. 

Why Should I Choose Your Company For My Cafe Fitout Project ?

At the end of the day, no one is more passionate about your business and work space than you are, so it’s extremely important to find a cafe fit out company that is equally as enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

ImpeccaBuild is a Sydney based cafe fit out company known to its clients as a builder who has a reputation of delivering premium quality cafe fit out projects, has good work ethics, and is trustworthy.

For ImpeccaBuild, quality is more than a promise, it is genuine performance and we guarantee the highest level of quality across all of our cafe fitout projects.

Put your trust in the right hands for your cafe fitout.

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