Plus 5 Expert Tips To Save You Thousands

When it comes to the fit out of any premises, price is always a major factor in the decision-making process. Whilst it’s vital that a fit out delivers the results you and your audience deserve, making sure that it’s a cost-effective option is also vital. 

When your business is considering a refurbishment or a fresh retail store fit-out, some idea of ballpark costs is always helpful. Whilst an accurate fit-out cost needs to be tailored to the individual project, we’ve put together some average retail fit out costs for you to use as a reference. These will give you some idea of the type of figure you’ll be looking at, enabling financial planning and an initial consideration of project feasibility.

For a more detailed quote, or to find out the type of costs involved in atypical fit-outs or those where there are particular challenges, please get in touch with one of our team.

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The Average Cost of Shop Fit out

With the caveat that each retail fit-out will be influenced by a wide variety of factors that could affect the cost, we’ve put together some indicative costs for three different retail store scenarios. Depending on the size and the type of facilities you need, there are three main dollar/metre figures to take into consideration.

  • Basic (cost-effective fit out or renovation)
  • Mid-Range (up-market, spacious and feature-packed unit)
  • High-End (Opulent retail store fit-out that’s ideal for premium retail spaces)

Each type of retail store fit-out is addressed in more detail in the section below. Just click on whichever type you’re after.


Retail fit out costs per square metre

Less than $1000 Per Square Metre (ex.GST

If cash is a concern and you want a fit-out that’s attractive and functional, but with no added extras, a basic package is probably the best option. 



Retail fit out costs per square metre

$1200 to 1 500 Per Square Metre (ex.GST)



Retail fit out costs per square metre

$2000 to $2500 Per Square Metre (ex.GST)

5 Expert Tips To Save You Thousands

As a leading shopfitting company in Sydney, we take pride in delivering premium fit outs which also offer excellent value. We’ve put together some top tips on how to save money on your fit-out, as well as what to consider if you’re on a tight budget but also want stunning results.

Retail Fit Out Costs – Expert Tip #1

Existing premises have an enormous impact on retail fit out costs


Essentially, costs are determined by the journey needed to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Specifically, the state of your current premises plays a key role in determining what’s needed to create the fit-out you want.

 Premises which are in poor condition or which have essential infrastructure missing (for example, a poor climate control system, inferior-quality wiring or structural issues), will require a significant budget for the necessary repairs and upgrades.

 Similarly, if the layout of the building is such that extensive renovation will be required to create a workable space, the costs will increase. To minimise the risk of incurring unnecessary additional expenditure, we suggest involving your shopfitter as soon as possible.

We are always happy to advise on premises selection, as well as flag up potential added costs for remedial or remodelling work.

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Retail Fit Out Costs – Expert Tip #2

Compliance can greatly influence fit out costs

Compliance with relevant legislation and regulations is an important aspect of any fit-out project. Without expert assistance, it’s all too easy to overlook the features necessary to ensure compliance with: health & safety legislation; DDA law; building regulations; zoning regulations; and retail-specific guidance (for example, if you store and/or sell flammable or hazardous materials, there are extra considerations to take account of).

 Our team has a wealth of up-to-date knowledge regarding the various legal requirements of retail shop fit-out. This means you can be confident that your design will be compliant from the outset. By involving your shop fit-out providers early on, you’re less likely to run into costly compliance issues further down the line.

Retail Fit Out Costs – Expert Tip #3


Look at what you already have available

Not only can the cost of a shop fit out be greatly reduced by using materials and/or equipment that you already have to hand, but it’s also surprising how often additional cash can be raised by selling unwanted assets. 

When we commence work with a client, one of the first things we do is conduct an audit of the materials and resources which are already available. Not only can these be potentially re-purposed or up-cycled, they can also frequently be sold on. We are committed to delivering amazing fit-out work which is also sustainable and planet-friendly. Recycling and reusing existing assets not only cuts costs, it’s also a green option.

Retail Fit Out Costs – Expert Tip #4

Leave sufficient time

Tight deadlines and a punishing schedule can potentially push the price of your project upwards. Leaving more time allows shop fitting companies to search for bargains and tender where outside experts are needed, potentially lowering costs. The longer you can allow, the more likely it is that the project can be delivered for a lower cost. We are capable of meeting insanely tight deadlines if necessary, but obviously, with more time, we can often deliver what’s needed for less.

Retail Fit Out Costs – Expert Tip #5

Modern materials can cut the cost / square metre

The materials and technology available for retail fit-out is constantly changing. Fresh materials are coming on stream, as well as new trends and different ways of working. What this means is that we can frequently take a look or feature which a client wants and deliver it for less. For example, it’s possible to find some amazing synthetic materials which have the look of stone or timber.

 These synthetic alternatives deliver the aesthetic needed, at the same time as being lower maintenance, more durable and cheaper than the natural options. Similarly, we can come up with cost-effective floorings, furniture, fittings and fixtures which offer hard-wearing, dependable performance at the same time as excellent value.

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Retail Fit Out Costs – Expert Tip #6

Get in touch for a bespoke quote

Because there are so many variables to consider when calculating retail fit out costs, it’s almost impossible to give a sample $/square metre figure. If you want a rough quote to precede more detailed design and costing work, please get in touch.

 Our team are happy to come up with some ballpark figures, as well as work up a deliverable design that’s costed to match your budget parameters. Experienced and talented in a wide variety of retail fit-outs, we’re the provider of choice for a large number of businesses across Sydney and beyond.

Please contact us to find out more.

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