Feng Shui Tips For Your Office

Do you feel drained out after spending a few hours in your office space? Even though the interiors are nice and your co-workers are cooperative, somehow, there’s something about your office environment that makes you feel dull, monotonous, and unimaginative. If the answer is yes, it’s time for to you learn a thing or two about something called ‘Feng Shui’.

This ancient Chinese tradition can boost productivity levels and promote the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of everyone who works under your roof. This blog aims at introducing you to the amazing world of Feng Shui while giving you 5 simple, easy-to-execute Feng Shui Tips For Your office space.

Optimising Feng Shui In The Office | ImpeccaBuild

What is Feng Shui

The word ‘Feng’ literally translates to wind and ‘Shui’ means water. So, in layman’s language, Feng Shui can be described as the ‘way of the wind and water’. The principles of Feng Shui can help create a well balanced and harmonised space whether the space in question is a commercial building or a residential complex. 

It is believed that if a space is cluttered with too many ‘wrong or unnecessary’ objects, the flow of the vital energy called ‘qi or chi’ tends to get restricted. Over time this space can begin to feel congested, tedious, and uninspired, making everyone who spends time there feel pretty much the same. 

In such a scenario, Feng Shui can be used to clear out the blockages, allowing the ‘qi’ to flow unrestrictedly and thus making the space feel a lot more energized and full of positivity. 

The roots of Feng Shui go further back than 6,000 years. During that time people were mainly engaged in agricultural activities and they used to dwell near rivers or other water bodies. So, originally the purpose of Feng Shui was to identify an appropriate land and then design it in such a way that it naturally flourishes and protects its inhabitants.

The modern Feng Shui practices aren’t any different. They are aimed at enriching people’s lives by arranging furniture, decor, and the architecture itself in such a way that positive qi flows without restrictions, ensuring an inflow of prosperity, abundance, good health, and interpersonal relationships.

3 Main Benefits of Optimising Feng Shui in Your Office

Though there are numerous benefits of applying Feng Shui, the 3 main ones for a commercial office complex include – 

  • Helps You Build a Unique Brand Identity – By following the principles of Feng Shui, you’ll inevitably end up creating an impeccable and clutter-free working environment that looks incredibly elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Needless to say, this kind of environment helps you build a strong brand identity. Just make sure that the design you pick goes well with the brand image you want to portray.
  • Increases Productivity Levels – This is one of the main reasons, you as a business owner want to add Feng Shui to your office space. It boosts productivity levels by creating a truly comfortable and nurturing atmosphere for your employees, clients, and everyone else who visits the office.  When people spend time in a healthy, uplifting, joyful work environment, they tend to become naturally creative and they don’t mind going that extra mile to achieve their goals since work doesn’t feel like work anymore. Now, that’s exactly what’s needed in order to make a business grow exponentially in a very short duration of time.
  • Protects Your Business from Negative Influences – This might sound a little too out there but Feng Shui is capable of protecting your business and your employees from getting impacted by the negative forces of the world. It is believed that if you are able to maintain the flow of qi in your office space, there’s very little chance that accidents or misfortunes will ever bother you.

Understanding the Five Elements of Feng Shui

All Feng Shui practices are essentially aimed at creating a delicate balance between the 5 elements of nature to attract health, abundance, growth, and creativity. Understanding what these 5 elements are and how they impact your life on a daily basis is very important before you begin optimising Feng Shui in your office.

Optimising Feng Shui In The Office | ImpeccaBuild
  • Water – Water is associated with wisdom, profundity, and relationships. It is also linked with emotions and inspiration. An excess of water elements can make you feel like you are drowning in a pool of emotions. Alternatively, too little water can make you feel unsympathetic, lonely, and depressed.
  • Earth – Earth element affects your physical strength, stability, and balance. If it’s in excess, you tend to feel a sense of heaviness as if something is pulling you down. It makes you feel sluggish and dead serious about every little thing. Too much Earth, on the other hand, can make you feel pretty disorganized, imbalanced, and dazed out. 
  • Wood – Wood is associated with creativity, growth, flexibility, and intuition. Too much of this element tends to make you feel rigid and overwhelmed while too little of it can make you feel stagnant and uninspired. To add the wood element to your commercial space, you can pick decor that mimics the shapes, patterns, textures, or colours of trees, leaves, and flowers. 
  • Fire – Fire is the element of passion, enthusiasm, expansion, and transformation. Too much fire can turn into anger, irritability, and reckless behaviour while lack of fire can make you feel cold, underconfident, and uninventive. The most common way to bring in some fire element into your space is to light up some candles or to install more incandescent lights.
  • Metal – Metal affects how clearly you are able to perceive things and how logically you handle different life situations. Adding metal improves your analytical abilities as well as your organizational skills. However, too much metal can make you overly critical and obsessive. Too little metal can make you feel incoherent, uninvolved, and maybe even fearful.

5 Simple Ways for Optimising Feng Shui in the Office Space

#1 Feng Shui Tips For Your Office

Setting Up the Entrance of Your Office

The entrance of your office can make or break the whole look and vibe of your space. It is the first thing everyone notices as they enter your premises. According to Feng Shui, it’s very important to optimise the entrance or the outer area of your office since this area is responsible for attracting or repelling the flow of ‘qi’. 

Optimising Feng Shui In The Office | ImpeccaBuild

To facilitate an inflow of qi, it’s best to keep this space as clutter-free as possible. Install floor lamps or simple wall scones and place some plants to give a welcoming and peaceful feel to the entrance of your office. It would also be helpful to place some kind of directions for your visitors so they can easily navigate through the space without feeling lost or confused.

#2 Feng Shui Tips For Your Office

Regulate the Flow of Light and Air

Feng Shui principles insist that the insides of an office should be designed in such a way that they receive an ample amount of natural sunlight. For this, you can reduce the use of blinds or curtains or you can install skylights. If that’s not possible, use artificial lights in warm yellow colour tones to brighten up the dark corners. To regulate the flow of air, try to keep the windows and doors open, add plenty of plants, or use air purifiers.

Optimising Feng Shui In The Office | ImpeccaBuild

#3 Feng Shui Tips For Your Office

Position Your Desk According to Feng Shui Principles

The positioning of your desk plays a crucial role to bring in the right kind of energy into your office environment. Position your desk in such a way that it always sees the door. This symbolises that you are always ready to grab an opportunity as it arrives at your doorstep. If you have a shared office setup, avoid placing the chairs face to face or even back to back. If sitting face to face is absolutely unavoidable, use a plant or a computer screen as a barrier in the middle. 

50 percent of the space on your desk should be left unoccupied. The remaining should be organized in such a way that all the 5 elements of Feng Shui are present on your desk in some form or the other. You can tweak things depending upon which element needs a little more attention and which one can be minimized a bit according to the nature and current circumstances of your business.

Optimising Feng Shui In The Office | ImpeccaBuild

#4 Feng Shui Tips For Your Office

Choosing the Right Colours and Artwork

All the 5 elements of Feng Shui are associated with certain colours. So, it’s a very good idea to incorporate these colours to optimise Feng Shui in Your office space – 

  • Water – blue and black or a metallic colour mixed with white
  • Earth – ochre (yellow), browns, and darker shades of orange
  • Wood – green and lighter shades of brown like tan
  • Fire – red in a variety of shades 
  • Metal – colours like gold, silver, and copper

Feng Shui also emphasises the importance of choosing the correct artwork. It’s best to go for pieces of art that make you feel inspired. You can use favourite quotations or affirmations, pictures or illustrations of your role models, or any other artwork that would help you create a positive and motivating work environment.

#5 Feng Shui Tips For Your Office

Other Things You Can Do to Create an Atmosphere of Positivity and Growth

Besides the above-mentioned methods, there are tons of other ways to improve Feng Shui Your office space. Some of these include – adding more plants and fresh flowers, instaling small water fountains or fish bowls, using aromatherapy and diffusers, turning on your favourite soothing music in the background, and getting rid of sharp edges, etc.


It’s amazing how simple things like placement of the furniture, lighting a couple of candles, or adding a few simple things here and there in your office can actually boost the morale and the productivity levels of your employees. Feng Shui allows you to do just that.
By Following our Feng Shui tips for your office you can transform the atmosphere of your commercial space to attract an abundance of positivity, growth, and good fortune. If you find this path a little too unfamiliar, do not hesitate to consult a fit out company with previous experience in optimising Feng Shui in the Commercial office spaces.

How Can We Help You in Optimising Feng Shui For Your Office Space

Since designing and decorating a Feng Shui-approved office space needs a certain amount of expertise in this area and also an additional amount of planning work and creative thinking, hiring an experienced fitout professional would certainly make things easier and quicker. Call Us On: 1300 LETS BUILD or send us an email at: [email protected] to know more about how we at Impeccabuild can help you with this.

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