If you are planning to open a new restaurant or want to renovate your current one, explore the various types of restaurant interior design themes, and choose a concept that best represents your menu and your own individual sense of style.

There are so many themes to pick from. You can go for a formal setting or you can keep things uber casual and stylish. You can represent a particular culture or tradition in your theme or you can go absolutely crazy with ideas like witch house themed restaurants or pirates’ treasure themed restaurants. 

These days when people go out to eat, they aren’t just looking for exciting new cuisines but for exciting new restaurant environments as well. It’s no more about who serves the best food on the plate, but about who offers the best, most innovative dining experience!

So, exploring the array different restaurant interior design themes should definitely be on your priority list as this will help you decide what kind of architecture, interiors, decor, and a menu would work for your space.

How Do You Choose Restaurant Interior Design Themes?

While you might already have a rough sketch in your head regarding what kind of restaurant you want to open, it’s important to analyze all your options carefully before making a final call. This is so because your chosen theme should seamlessly complement your location, your target audience, their needs, and their budgets as well.

Here are our 3 quick tips on how to choose the right concept for your business from so many different types of restaurant interior design themes you can explore – 

1. What Inspires You the Most?

First and foremost, you need to identify what is it that inspires you as a chef, a restauranteur, or as a customer yourself? Maybe you are good at serving multiple cuisines and love exploring several different types of restaurant interior design themes yourself, but out of all those options, what is it that resonates the most with your own being?

If you are clear about that, it becomes very easy to pick a concept that would complement your speciality in the most vivid but effortless manner.

2. Have Your Done Your Market Research?

Research your market properly before finalising a concept. Take into consideration what works in that area, what kind of restaurants already exist, and what type of cuisine would be appreciated by the people of that neighbourhood. To dig a little deeper, try to establish who’s your customer base.

If your restaurant is located in a busy industrial area, a rustic coffee shop would work wonders while if it’s located on a high-end shopping street, a quirky and fashionable multi-cuisine restaurant concept would be able to attract a maximum number of customers. Like this, you can figure out who your customers are and how to attract them with an appropriate restaurant theme.

3. Do You Have Any Budget or Size Constraints?

As you explore various types of restaurant interior design themes, you need to create a shortlist keeping in mind how big or small your space is and how much money you need in order to operate it successfully. For example, if you have a limited budget, go for an innovative food truck theme with just a few items on the menu. And on the contrary, if you can afford to start a glittering fine dining restaurant, explore themes like jazz clubs or an elegant French cuisine inspired fusion-themed restaurant.

20 Awe-Inspiring Restaurant Interior Design Themes

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (9)Restaurant Interior Design Themes #1

New-Age Food Trucks

Innovative food trucks are one of the most sought-after restaurant trends these days. ‘Food on Wheels’ concept is a really great way of starting a new business or expanding your current sales. Invest in ideas like an attractive logo, quirky colours like yellow, pink, saffron, neon green, and purple, an enticing menu and a solid social media presence. 

As far as your menu goes, you can go for burgers, sandwiches, ice creams, waffles, doughnuts, shakes, barbeque foods, local/regional food, or organic ingredients and flavours. Make sure your truck looks really attractive by getting it designed and painted by a professional team of designers. Many popular trucks have animated characters painted on them or a graphic illustration of the food they serve or the city they cater to. 

Make sure your truck’s interiors are as attractive and functional as its exteriors are. You can install equipment like LED colour changing lights, a plasma television, and a powerful speaker system in your truck to make it more attention-grabbing for your customers.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (3)Restaurant Interior Design Themes #2

Dining in An Interesting Setting

Instead of the usual restaurant-style or cafe-style ambience, explore different types of restaurant interior design themes which are absolutely unique and one-of-a-kind. Examples of such concepts could be – jail, museum, or train-themed restaurants. Such alternate environments easily attract new customers who are always on a lookout for an exciting dining experience. 

Themes like these are all the more popular these days because such offbeat and peculiar restaurants and cafes quickly become every Instagrammer and Youtuber’s favourite hangout spots. People love spending time in such places clicking Instagramable pictures or making videos with cool and quirky backgrounds.

If you’ve picked such a theme, try to recreate that environment to the best of your abilities. For example, if you’ve picked a train-themed restaurant, hire a professional restaurant interiors fitout expert who can help you create an exact replica of a famous train model as the interiors. Make sure your signage, menu, decor, and marketing tools (both online and offline) highlight your core concept to build a strong brand image.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (6)

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #3

Does ‘Pay What You Want’ Pricing Work Well For Restaurants?

Though it might sound unreasonable, ‘Pay What You Want’ restaurant concept actually works really well to boost your sales and more importantly, to build a strong market presence in an exceedingly competitive environment. There are no fixed rules on how to operate such a restaurant, but generally, these places support the act of giving and sharing. But this doesn’t mean your business won’t be able to do well financially if you follow this concept. 

In fact, a recent research study shows that customers who dine at PWYW restaurants pay their shares whether they feel they’re being watched or not, confirming the theory that people pay to enhance their self-image and not because they are meant to pay for what they eat.

You don’t have to run a PWYW concept on all days of the week (although many successful restaurants do that). You can use this concept to build a customer base in the initial months of your business. Or you can follow this concept on 1-2 days of the week to attract more new customers.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #4

What Is A Pop Up Restaurant?

This is probably the most creative concept among all the different types of restaurant interior design themes one can explore. Pop-up restaurants are provisional restaurants which are hosted by various kinds of spaces like theatres, arcades, bars, existing restaurants, or any such place for that matter. Chefs can even start these types of restaurants from their own backyards to test their culinary skills, or a new menu, or to test a completely new concept before actually investing in a proper commercial setup.

Duration of these pop-up restaurants could vary from a single day to several months on a stretch, depending on the kind of place you are hosting from and how good or bad the response is from the customers. New businesses aren’t the only ones to follow this concept. Some of the most successful and well-known restaurants are adopting the pop-up restaurant theme to establish community partnerships and to boost their market presence.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (7)Restaurant Interior Design Themes #5

Cafe Style Restaurant

Different types of restaurant interior design themes can be restructured in the form of a cafe, for example – a British Cafe or an American Diner or any other similar casual restaurant concept that offer a variety of meals and ready-to-serve rolls and sandwiches along with a strong emphasis on serving hot drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and herbal teas.

A majority of cafe-style restaurants open up early in the morning to serve full breakfast menus. Some of them offer their breakfast menus throughout the day as well. If you have space for outdoor seating, go for a cafe-style restaurant, especially if your surroundings are vibrant and interesting. 

These days more and more cafes are adopting innovative, out of the box theme ideas to attract more customers. From rustic industrial-style coffee shops to uber-stylish boho cafes, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Take cues from this blog to explore all the latest trends in cafe theme ideas.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (12)Restaurant Interior Design Themes #6

Why Are Wine Tasting Rooms A Good Option?

If ‘fine dining’ is your choice of setting and the impressive collection of vintage wines that you have is going to be the main unique selling proposition of your restaurant, going for a tasting room style restaurant concept is a very good option for you. This kind of restaurant targets wine enthusiasts and offers them some of the best and the rarest wines from across the world in an innovatively contemporary ambience.

A tasting room typically offers you samples of various kinds of wines – red, white, or rose for a small fee in order to promote direct sales or to add new members to their brewery’s wine clubs. But these days so many people are combining the concept of tasting rooms with fine dining restaurants to offer their customers the best of both worlds.

Stereotypically, one could find tasting rooms located right on the premises of the breweries or the wineries, but now you can find such restaurants everywhere, especially in major cities like – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. If this is something you’d like to try, opt for a simple natural-looking colour palette and make sure your space receives an ample amount of natural light during the day to create a perfect vacation-like, vineyard-style experience for your customers.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (13)

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #7

Iconic Film/Music Restaurant Themes

While considering so many different types of restaurant interior design themes for your business, you must’ve come across some really cool and quirky themes where people have paid tribute to their favourite films or music bands, right?

And you must’ve thought – would such a theme work in the long run? Well, to tell you the truth, it depends on how famous this film, music band, or TV show is and with what kind of a fan base, and how effectively you’ve represented the essence of this film/band/tv show as the theme of your restaurant.

There are many restaurants and cafes in all parts of the world that have captured the magic of certain types of films or music genres, beautifully and almost effortlessly. There are restaurants with Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel’s Avengers and Titanic as their main themes and there are cafes after the famous TV shows FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (5)Restaurant Interior Design Themes #8

Why Are Eco-Friendly Restaurants A Good Option?

Nowadays, diners have become increasingly conscious about topics like sustainability, organic foods, global warming, and the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices to help the planet and also, to live more healthy and energetic lives ourselves. So, it becomes necessary that at least some amount of your time, energy and resources are invested in this direction.

If you want, you can open a full-blown vegetarian, cruelty-free, eco-friendly restaurant or a cafe where you serve a variety of wholesome, nutrient-rich, organically produced meals.

To adopt such a model, you have to look for ways to reduce food wastage, come up with dishes made from seasonal produce, and think about replacing the conventional appliances and equipment with more energy-efficient ones. 

As for ambience, your space should have a lot of organic or recycled material. Buy from local sellers and artisans and give your place a traditional and rustic overall vibe. If you have a space for a garden, you can even think about growing your own produce. Your customers will love it!

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #9

Are Minimalism-Based Restaurant Designs Popular? 

Among all the different types of restaurant interior design themes, minimalism-based design themes have become incredibly popular, especially among the youth of this generation.

Inspired by Japanese culture, this theme can be defined as an aesthetic where only the most essential elements are expressed while everything that’s unnecessary and cumbersome is eliminated. This trend can be seen everywhere and restaurant businesses are no exception! 

These days, many big and small restaurants are evolving their brand identities to adopt a more minimalistic approach. You can find clean lines, monochrome-inspired colour palettes, and flat logo compositions almost everywhere.

Here are our quick tips on how you can make your restaurant more minimalistic in its look and feel – 

  • Go for White or Other Lighter Colours – White is the most preferred colour for a minimalistic theme. It is clean, peaceful, and light on the eyes and it helps emphasize those few important elements which you want to highlight in your minimalistic design.
  • Simplify Your Menu – The idea is to declutter your menu so that the attention of your customers remains fixed on the most popular dishes of your restaurant which are your main specialities. The design and layout of your menu should also be simplified, if necessary.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #10

Are Live Performances A Good Idea For Restaurants? 

By offering live performances in your restaurant, you can attract a lot of customers and create an overall energetic and fun-filled environment where everyone ends up having a great time. Depending on what kind of audience you cater to and what kind of space you have, you can decide what kind of live performances would work for your business.

Music performances are the most common type of live performances that different types of restaurant interior design themes usually approve of. But again, make sure the kind of music you choose matches the taste of your audience and the kind of food that you serve.

You can hire musicians and singers to perform at your venue or you can give newbies a chance to show their talent by offering them the stage/platform for free.

Other kinds of live performances include – dance performances, stand-up comedy shows, and karaoke nights. If this is something you’d like to try, create a staging area for the performers, install an appropriate music system and lighting setup, and make sure you are well versed with the local laws of your area.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (8)Restaurant Interior Design Themes #11

History Themed Restaurants

Historical restaurants are usually very old restaurants which were started some 30-40 (or even more) years ago and are still operational. Most of these restaurants serve very traditional food and the setup itself is archaic and full of history. But you can use this core concept of ‘knowing your roots’ to build your own version of a historical restaurant.

You can use the history of your town, city, country, culture or any historical event (or series of events) which are of some importance, as the main theme of your restaurant.

Different types of restaurant interior design themes based on historical events are very popular among tourists who are visiting a new town or a city for the first time. They love the exotic vibe attached to such places. 

You can showcase the historical elements with the help of your interior design, decor, and clothes of your staff members. Some restaurants even use mini-libraries, audio-visual setups, and wall arts of several different kinds to achieve this.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #12

Watch a Classic Movie as You Enjoy Your Meal

Do you know that food businesses run by movie theatres earn more money as compared to restaurant businesses? This clearly indicates that people love to eat while watching something cool and interesting. Making use of this little fact, many new restaurants have started screening world cinema classics or popular entertainers at their premises.

To add more fun to this theme, you can redesign your menu every time a new film is added for screening. For example, if an old classic like ‘Gone With the Wind’ is being screened, you can serve foods like fried chicken, smoked turkey, cornbread or muffins, biscuits, rolls, and waffles. And if a movie like ‘Titanic’ is being screened, serve foods like beef sirloin, fillet mignon, smoked fish, fresh oysters, and mutton or potato pies. 

Some restaurants offer this service for free while some charge a ticket fee in order to enter the premises during the time of screening. You can keep it whichever way you like. Just make sure you have all the appropriate audio-visual equipment and a comfortable seating arrangement for your guests. For interiors, put up a lot of movie posters and film trivia facts across the walls.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (1)Restaurant Interior Design Themes #13

What Should You Consider When Opening a Kid-Friendly Restaurant?

If you want to open a family restaurant, the first thing that you have to take care of is to ensure that your place is kid-friendly. Parents would always prefer going to a restaurant that accepts and entertains their kids in the best possible manner.

In fact, more than parents, kids are the ones who get to decide which restaurant the family would visit often. So, by making your restaurant kid-friendly, you can actually attract a lot of customers.

What you’ll need is a spacious set up to accommodate all the family members comfortably, warm and welcoming staff, adjustable furniture (high chairs, extending tables, and booster seats), and special kid-friendly meals to cater to the children’s taste and needs. You can even add a play area and an outdoor garden if you want.

While it’s important to make the kids happy by offering them a large selection of ice creams, fries, shakes, and desserts, the parents would prefer a more balanced and wholesome food for the family.

So, while exploring different types of restaurant interior design themes which are kid-friendly in nature, keep in mind the needs and expectations of both kids as well as their parents.



Inexpensive Restaurant Design Ideas | Restaurant Fitouts | ImpeccaBuild (10)

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #14

Chefs on Stage

When a genuinely talented chef starts preparing food, it’s like watching an artist creating a piece of art on a blank canvas! Kitchen Demonstrations or Cooking Demonstrations is a hot new trend in restaurant businesses. Guests get to witness up close and personal how their favourite dishes are prepared by their favourite chefs – live, in front of their own eyes.

Not only do they get to see how the food is prepared, but they also get to taste the food, fresh off the stove/oven. This is also a chance for those who love to cook, learn from some of the best people in the industry. For this, you can either opt for an open kitchen design or better, a glass-walled design so that people can easily sneak a peek inside the kitchen.

You can come up with a variety of different types of restaurant interior design themes while working with a concept like this. You can also plan and organize special ‘Chefs on Stage’ events where talented chefs display their skills in front of a live audience or you can keep a live cook-off competition where local chefs compete with each other for prize money, gift hampers or charity events.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (2)

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #15

Are Cultural-Theme Restaurants Popular?

We live in such a multicultural and multiethnic world, especially those of us who live in big metropolitan cities. And we can all agree that one of the biggest benefits of living in a city is that you get to explore and experience various different types of cultures and traditions without travelling to different corners of the world. How do we do that? By visiting colourful traditional restaurants that represent a particular culture or part of the world authentically.

Culture-themed restaurants are actually very popular. You’ll always find a Chinese, Indian or Mexican restaurant in your neighbourhood no matter where you are. So, if you too can represent a culture authentically, explore different types of restaurant interior design themes which are based around the concept of cultural values, traditional cooking, use of traditional ingredients, and a culture-inspired interior design and decor.

By opening such a restaurant, you can easily attract the people who are originally from your own city/state/country/cultural background and at the same time, so many locals and tourists who love exploring new places and cuisines.

What you will be offering to your audience is an exciting new experience, a world they’ve never seen before!

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #16

What Are Pop Culture Themed Restaurants?

This category includes all those different types of restaurant interior design themes which are inspired by the pop culture of the last few decades. Pop culture or popular culture of the day revolves not just around the food, but also around the art, fashion trends, film/TV and music genres, literature, technological advancements, societal norms, and the belief systems of the society, in general. 

So, what are the most prominent features of the pop culture of this generation? Well, today’s generation is inspired by ideas like minimalism, celebrating all cultures/racial identities/body types, saving the environment, focus on a more healthy lifestyle, more innovative use of the internet and technology, etc.

Some examples of pop culture themed restaurants would be – a restaurant based on a popular digital game, a movie genre (horror or romcoms) inspired restaurant, a restaurant for motorcycle lovers, or a 90s kid themed restaurant.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes | ImpeccaBuild (11)Restaurant Interior Design Themes #17

Restaurants with Boho Vibes

Since organic and vegan lifestyles are so in vogue, boho themed restaurants with a nomadic, artistic setup have become very popular. Originally inspired by the gypsy travellers of Central-Eastern Europe called Bohemia, this lifestyle supports the spirit of freedom, exploration, our connection with Earth, and a strong love for art and music.

Several different types of restaurant interior design themes which are somehow boho styled attract the youngsters of this generation easily because more than materialistic pleasures, they value the idea of freedom to explore and create.

Boho themed restaurants can be inspired by different cultural elements from destinations across the world. You can make use of low or floor seating arrangement, hemp pillows and cushions, wooden furniture, crochet curtains, fairy lights, tribal carpets and rugs, dreamcatchers, crystals, ottomans, and beaded embellishments. 

Make sure your menu also represents the same level of free-spiritedness as your interiors and decor. Serve soups, salads, sandwiches, herbal teas, fruit bowls, smoothies and shakes, waffles, and cold-pressed juices.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #18

Farm Themed Restaurants

Another alternative for a vegan or a garden restaurant is a farm-themed restaurant. If you have a spacious, countryside-style space, this kind of theme could work very well for you. Grow your own food, raise your own animals (not for meat, but to provide your audience with the right kind of ambience) and serve your guests some of the freshest, most nutrient-rich, wholesome food.

For interiors, keep things raw, rustic, ‘farm stay inspired’, but maintain everything in an organized and orderly manner. Some of the ideas include – brick and mortar walls, concrete floors, lots of greenery (both inside and outside the restaurant), dining under the stars, warm lights, sailcloth tents, countryside music, and use of the freshest ingredients.

People love organizing their weddings, anniversaries, and other such events in spaces like these. So, prepare yourself to take bookings for bigger events.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #19

Romantic Date Night Restaurant

When you are out with your love, you want everything to go perfectly. You want the set up to be mesmerizingly stunning, the service quick and efficient, and you expect the food to taste like it’s straight from the heaven’s kitchen. If you think you’d be really good at establishing something like this, go for a romantic restaurant theme.

There are no fixed rules as to how a romantic restaurant should look or feel like. So, feel free to experiment with various different types of restaurant interior design themes that revolve around the concept of love, romance, and date nights.

But a few essential elements of a space like this are – low and warm lights, soothing romantic music, use of aesthetically pleasing colours, flower decoration, option for outdoor seating, elegant decor, and lots of exotic wines and cheeses in your menu.

Restaurant Interior Design Themes #20

Multi-Concept Restaurants

And then, of course, you have the option of combining two or more different types of restaurant interior design themes to create your own version of a unique, ‘one-of-a-kind’ restaurant concept. For example – a romantic restaurant with boho interiors or a cafe-style restaurant with elements of minimalism and an eco-friendly menu. The possibilities are endless!


While picking a restaurant concept for your upcoming restaurant or in case you are planning to remodel your current one, it’s important that you explore the several different types of restaurant interior design themes people are adopting these days.

This will give you a clear idea of how to plan and develop your own concept and how to make sure this concept translates into material success.

Above, we’ve enlisted 20 different types of restaurant themes ranging from food trucks, pop up restaurants, tasting rooms, minimalism themed restaurants to demonstration kitchens and boho styled cafes.

Pick any of these themes and start strategizing on how to adopt this concept for your space. You can also contact a professional restaurant fitout specialist to make things super easy and efficient for yourself.


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