FAQ #1

What Is A Fit Out? 

The word ‘fit out’ is a construction term often used to describe the process of making the interior space of a building suitable for occupation by a tenant. A fitout can encompass interior walls, plastering, electrical, flooring, decoration, lighting, mechanical installations, furnishings and or any other improvements made to the interior of premises. 

A fitout is said to be complete once it is ready to be occupied and used. 

FAQ #2

What Is A Fit Out Contractor

The tenant will usually hire a fit out specialist to carry out the interior construction work on their behalf and, with the approval of their landlord, of course.  

Don’t let the construction jargon confuse you, a fit out specialist is no more than a builder who is an expert in interior renovations and construction work. 

Here an easy distinction between a regular builder and a fitout contractor: 

  • A Regular Builder may construct a building from the ground up structurally, including the shell and core of the building. 
  • A Fitout Contractor will generally not be involved with any (or much) of the structural work. Once the exterior components (shell and core) are ready, it is the fitout contractors responsibility to create an interior space to suit the particular needs of the tenant. 
FAQ #3

Who Is Involved In A Fit Out?

An engineer, architect, and fit-out contractor are all more than likely to be associated with the fit-out project, however precisely which kinds of trade contractors are needed may differ depending upon how substantial the proposed works are.

The tenant and designer will often collaborate to look at the space as well as discuss the needs of the business, a number of workers, and design preferences, in order to come up with an ideal interior design and layout for space and business. 

It’s essential to include the fitout contractor at this stage as they’ll be extremely valuable in providing support on technical and trade-specific building elements that the remainder of the team may not have taken into consideration. The fitout contractor will also be able to guarantee that the project complies with any relevant regulatory and building codes.

FAQ #4

What Does A Shell & Core Building Include:

As stated above, shell and core building (also referred to as base building works) is the process of creating the primary structural elements of a building, which includes the foundations, walls and rood structures. This approach does not include interior components such as flooring, fittings or furnishings. Put simply, the developers build the main structure and the tenant then customises the interior space to their specific need and style.

Some of the components of the shell and core provision include:

  • Foundation 
  • Structural Framework 
  • Exterior Cladding 
  • External Work 
  • Building Envelope, such as external walls, roof, glazing and doors.  
  • Landscaping 
  • Pathways and pathways
  • Fencing 
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire safety

Since there is no set standard that determines the elements within the shell and core package, it is advisable to read the lease agreement carefully to ensure there are no surprises about what is the responsibility of the tenant and what falls upon the landlord.

FAQ #5

Is It Fit Out or Fit-Out?

There are many terms used to describe the word fitout, some of which you may be familiar with. For example ‘shop fit outs’, ‘interior fit outs’ or ‘fitting out’. You might also see the word spelt differently or with different punctuation such as fitout or fit-out. In America, they use the term “build-out” or “interior build-out” instead of “fit out”. Regardless of what you call it, all of these terms share the same collective meaning. 

FAQ #6

What  Commercial Fit Out Services Are There?

Interior commercial construction of a business premise is given the term “commercial fit out”. This describes the process by which the interior is renovated, built, decorated or furnished in order to meet the tenant’s occupancy requirements. Generally, commercial fit outs represent office construction but they also apply to many other businesses as listed below: 

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