4 Tips to Save Money On Your Fit Out

By December 9, 2019 January 30th, 2020 ImpeccaBuild

4 Tips to Save Money on Your Fit Out

No two shop fit outs are ever the same, there are numerous variations that come in to play, which makes it difficult to answer questions like how much does a fit out cost? Or what’s the average shopfitting cost per square meter.

The decision to fit out a new store or re-design your old one can be an expensive one, but there’s is no need to blow your budget when it comes to creating your ideal commercial space.

Here are four proven ways to start saving.

1. Don't Rush.

All good things take time to create, Fit outs are no different.

Provide your shopfitter with enough time to prepare an accurate quote. Sure, a builder can slap together a quick quote for you, but its usually based on estimates of recent projects, which could hurt your final numbers in the long run.

Some builders may ask for a small fee to quote your project, this is because accurate quoting takes time and a considerable about of effort is put into a professional quote. Not only will you receive a total figure amount, but your builder will break down your projects into parts to give you a precise look at you spending.

2. Check Quotes Carefully.

Double check and then triple check the quotes you receive making sure you pay close attention to the fine print. After already investing so much time and money into your new fit out, the last thing you want to dampen your spirits is to be hit up with massive variation invoices.

To avoid this ordeal, carefully read the quotes you receive, cross referencing that everything on the plan is reflected and allowed for in the quote’s builders have submitted to you. We advise you get several quotes and compare costs, if one quote is significantly less than another there is usually a reason.

Unfortunately, some builders purposefully leave out items on their quote, in order to secure the job, then hit you up with a hefty variation fee later.

3. Minimise Shutdown Period.

In most instances, businesses close during the fit-out process to allow builders complete access on site. Fit outs take time, and time is money, we know you’re losing profit each day your doors are closed which is why it is recommend planning ahead and scheduling the fit-out for you least busiest months of the year, when your sales are at their lowest.

Continuing to operate your business whilst the fit out is underway is achievable. Speak with your builder to work out the best possible plan that will work in favour of your customers but also allows the project to continue without delay.

It is recommended you inform your costumers well in advance of the proposed renovations and be prepared to pay a little extra if your builder requires to work over night and over the weekend to ensure your project is finished on time.

4. Increase Savings.

Another easy way to cut unnecessary costs is by being flexible when it comes to choosing the materials and products for your fit out. You may have a vision of what your ideal store will look like, but you don’t need to have the most expensive materials on the market for that vision to come to life. Your shop fitter should be able to help you find similar products that won’t break your credit card.

In saying this It’s still important to ensure the material you choose are high quality. You want you fit-out to be durable and sustainable, and buying poor-quality products that aren’t built to last could cost you more in the long run.

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