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Dental or Medical Centres - How To Speed Up The Fit Out Process

The duration of a dental or medical fit out can vary greatly depending on the requirements. If we talk about numbers, it could take up to six to ten weeks to complete a three-chair surgery ward. Some shop fitters may offer to complete it within a month; however, you may have to pay extra for multiple night shifts and weekend work.

If you’re concerned about the time it will take to fit-out a dental or medical centre.

Be sure to explore these options below.

Pitfalls of Self-Managing a Dental or Medical Fit Out Project

As the owner, you’ll be spending thousands of dollars per week. Some people prefer to take on the task of organising their fit-out by themselves to cut costs. They might spend weeks, even months choosing and negotiating with contractors, sourcing equipment from far off places, just to keep cost down. If everything goes well in the process, that’s perfect! But in most cases, you may end up experiencing the following problems:

  • Time consuming – It doesn’t only affect you financially but also disturbs your professional as well as personal life. In simple words, it is nearly impossible to handle a fit-out project without giving up your other sources of income and your own time.
  • Fit Out Delays – It is rare for an ideal shopfitter to delay a project for more than a week. When it comes to self management, you may end up delaying or not spend enough time on the project as you would like.
  • Financial burden – Clients fail to calculate finical loss of delaying a project. The longer you delay, the more weeks go by that your practice could be making revenue if it has opened on time.

For these reasons we recommend avoiding the DIY option as much as possible. Leave it to the professional.

Advantages of Working With Professionals

Allowing a professional to take the reins will ease the shop fitting process immensely. Shopfitter’s are taught to anticipate all foreseeable errors before starting a project. When the possible problems are considered before-hand a professional shopfitter is better able to conduct the fit-out in a timely matter.  With this being said, there are a few things you, as the client can do to speed up process the construction process.

  • Plans and design – It’s important to have professional architectural plans of your shop before you approach a fit-out company. This is the first question any builder will ask you, because these become the blueprints, they work off the construct your project. Plans and project design could take between two to four weeks to complete. So, if you are wanting to start building straight away, have these drawn up beforehand. If you’re struggling with this, engage your preferred shopfitter as most offer this service.
  • Council approval/Private certifier – Fit-out plans need to be approved by a private certifier and or council. Do this ahead of time if possible. If your plans aren’t approved, possible changes and variations will need to be made, which can take some time. Again, most shopfitters can help you with this process.

Professional shop fitters are not magicians. Efficient building requires planning and lead times are critical. It takes about three to four weeks for a builder to organise relevant trades and materials before work commences. The key is to plan and allow you fit-out company the time they need to effectively execute your new fit-out.

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