Small Office Design: 6 Fit Out Ideas for Limited Spaces

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Small Office Design:
6 Fit Out Ideas for Limited Spaces

Rarely does a business start on the 50th floor with a view, in an exclusive office building. Most often you’ll hear successful CEOs talk about their beginnings in damp garages or windowless office spaces with not many square metres to work with.

It’s not always about the size or the basic room concept but also the design you opt for to make the most of what you’ve got. Over the years, ImpeccaBuild has collaborated with a number of startups on the rise, optimising their workspace to provide comfort, drive motivation, and ensure there’s room to grow even though they are limited with four walls. There are tricks of the trade every commercial interior designer knows and resorts to when they are looking to bring out a limited space’s full potential.


1. Carefully planned storage space.

Basic organisation is key to the success of the work you need to conduct. In spatially-challenged offices, ready-made, universal shelving is commonly unsuitable and only limits you further. To boost your bottom line and arrange your work materials to maximise the daily efforts, it is best to custom-design storage that will perfectly fit the environment.

Stir away from enclosed cabinets, as they tend to visually reduce an already small space. Instead, opt for open shelving, or if you must – install see-through, glass cabinet doors.

When it comes to positioning them, be sure to fit the office’s proportions. It’s also advisable to free the walls and keep the storage close to the ground. That way some cabinets can be integrated with your desks and act as hidden storage units.

open plan design

Strategically positioned partitions.

An open-plan office design has been a popular trend for several years now, however, the fact of the matter is that quite often one person or an entire team need to isolate themselves to be able to complete a certain task or conduct an important meeting.

Still, as additional walls only add to the claustrophobic feeling, we recommend selecting the glass walls that minimise the noise levels but still keep the space open. These will enhance productivity and enable employees to carry out their work in a more diligent manner. Furthermore, glass partitions are known for their flexibility, as certain types can be mobile and thus re-organised in accordance with immediate needs. These office fit outs can even be set up in the middle of an office space, as they allow enough natural light to enter, without making anyone dependent on the artificial light.

If need be, you can always set up blinds and use them in situations when you want to run a more private meeting with your colleagues.

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3. Secured privacy

Think – modern-day cubicles. While we need as much open space as possible to feel like there’s room to breathe, office fit outs that provide much-needed privacy are essential for businesses of all sizes.
The latest office fit out trend are privacy pods, much appreciated by those who require some alone time to carry out a video conference or concentrate on a mentally-consuming task in hand. Privacy pods are a mobile, acoustic solution for hectic offices inside which it is impossible to designate more rooms for individual employees when they need time for themselves. These ergonomic office fit out solutions are widely praised for their contribution to productivity. Without taking any significant office space, privacy pods are easily incorporated into any spatially-challenged, open-plan working environment and manage to provide comfort and support efficacy.

4. Flexible workstations.

To meet the everyday needs of every single person who’s working inside these four narrow walls, think agile. Include office fit outs like height-adjustable desks or hot-desks that can be quickly relocated and reorganised to adapt to someone’s immediate needs.

If any of your workers need to distance themselves from their colleagues, or on the other hand get close to one another and consult on a certain matter- they can simply roll their workstation around as they please. If the sedentary lifestyle starts to take a toll on their physical health (and motivation), stand-up desks will allow them to switch positions in no time.

Agile workstations also allow you to plan for the long-run. While you might be in a cramped office space at the moment, it is difficult to predict where you will relocate your business next. Small workplaces require careful planning and specially-designed furniture that will enable you to utilise every single corner to its fullest potential. Considering, it is quite likely that the furniture you have now will not be able to fit the space you move into in a few years.

5. Doubled floor space.

If you are looking for a way to break the monotony in the office, setting up split-level flooring is the best way to go. They visually expand the existing floor space and can be installed even by the startups who are operating on a limited budget. If you place it strategically, you can create a secluded area without having to put up walls of any kind. It can be a designated work or meeting area, while the lower level can serve as a lounge.

Additional design advice: put up indoor plants along the borders of the split-level flooring and in that way further isolate the space with green partitions that don’t really take up much space and help freshen up the office air.

6. Decluttered room.

Although you may benefit from surrounding yourself with a variety of office miscellaneous, you still have to be careful not to drown your employees in clutter. Remember: there’s a thin line between a creative mess and a nothing more but a disorganised, untidy workstation.

Bottom line.

Designing a small office space to feel as if there are hundreds of square meters to work in is not an easy task. You are required to keep the room as open as possible and still include obstructions positioned in such a way that they provide peace, quiet, and privacy when needed.

When you have only a few narrow walls to work with, custom-made is the way to go to ensure the work space is the right kind of “C”: cozy, not claustrophobic.If you need help optimising your office space, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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